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YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

I wanted to share with you my LOVE of the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick.

As a Makeup Artist and beauty vlogger I confess that I am hoarder when it comes to lipsticks, lip balms, lip stains and pretty much everything lip related. However, I could never find a lipstick formula that could actually make me fall in love with it. Most lipsticks have either a smell that I don’t find appealing at all, a formula that dries the lips or they simply do not last enough on my lips because they are too creamy. But HALLELUJAH! There is finally hope for this lipsticks loving soul!

I have never owned a YSL makeup product before because of the simple fact that I always had the impression that these products are highly overrated. For me, they simply fall into the Luxurious category of makeup products and I when you purchase a product like this you pay more for the packaging and marketing rather then for the actually product itself. I will probably not start a collection with YSL lipsticks and lip glosses but I will definitely cherish this little guy.

Let’s start with the packaging. You have bellow a picture of the actual product that I have purchased with my own money of course.  The packaging is a golden metal type of material and in the middle you actually have a little “window” where you can see the actual colour of the lipstick. While I was in the YSL store I took the time to swatch a couple of them and the packaging actually matches very well the colour from the lipstick tube. Over the part showing the colour of the lipstick you have engraved the logo YSL with the same metallic gold material. I admit that the packaging looks very high end and it’s sturdy. Throw if in your purse and you will definitely feel like a Queen when you apply this lipstick through out the day. Maybe the only negative part about the packaging is that your finger prints will be visible on the tube. But Hey! I can live with that!

YSL lipstick tube - golden metal

Let’s talk about the formulation and quality of the actual product. When you first apply this lipsticks it feels like butter! The formulation is so smooth and creamy but at the same time it’s very shinny like a lipgloss. It seems like the perfect blend between a lip balm and a lipgloss. It doesn’t feel sticky what so ever and it’s highly pigmented. I didn’t think the colour is going to last long on my lips because it felt so creamy, but when the gloss is gone it leaves a stain on your lips that lasts a pretty decent amount of time. This formula doesn’t dry my lips and I could reapply it through out the day without any problems. I have used it even without a lip liner and it stayed in place all day.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

The smell of this lipstick is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! It smells so exotic and fresh that it makes my mouth watery! Think about a fresh melon cocktail in the summer. Sweet and refreshing.

The colour selection is pretty decent. From Baby pinks to Wine Reds, Fuscia and Corals. Also, you can find they’re products at Sephora, The Bay and/or Yves Saint Laurent Stores.

Here is a swatch for you guys so you can hopefully she the colour payoff and formula.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

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