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Hello there my lovely readers,

I’ve been getting many questions related to how to keep your makeup intact even when you are sweating. Many of you are probably thinking about joining a gym as part of your New Year’s resolution to lose those unwanted pounds coming from your grandma’s best cake and I am here to tell you all about the best products and techniques to keep you looking fabulous!

1.Priming is important

makeup primer Always start by applying a primer after you have moisturised so that the foundation has something to stick on. One of my new and favourite discoveries is the Step 1 Skin Equalizer Makeup Primer from Makeup for Ever. I’ve used it on many of my clients and it does work perfectly with every skin tone. The reason this product has become a must have in my makeup kit is that, besides making your foundation application smooth and long lasting, it also covers any skin discolouration that you may have.

2. Powder your nose Miss!

rodial cosmetics

Powdering is one of the essentials steps in making your makeup last all day long! I know some of you prefer to skip this step because you don’t like how your skin looks after, however we are not talking about baking. You only need a small layer of this Rodial Instaglam Translucent HD Powder to make your skin look smooth. Avoid using it with a sponge, instead grab a kabuki brush and work it onto your skin using circular motions. You can apply two layers wherever you’ve applied your concealer because it normally tends to crease. One of my favourite things about this products is the sturdy packaging and the fact that it’s a pressed powder so it’s not going to get messy.

3. Spray to set!

skindinavia makeup finishing spray

Makeup Setting Spray is the most refreshing face product you can ever use. It keeps your skin moisturised the entire day and the most important part is that it locks it into place. My all time favourites product, that I’ve been using for years on all my brides, is the Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray. Even celebrities, like Lady Gaga, rave about this product. I don’t know what kind of magical concoction is in this bottle but it definitely makes your makeup bulletproof. Also, it comes in smaller bottles which makes it perfect for travelling.

4. Posh Blush

cheek stain

Cheek and lip stains are the best solution when it comes to waterproof makeup. Trust me! I have put these babies to the test by swimming in a pool and/or in the ocean and they stayed put the entire time. My favourite products are the Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek stains  which comes in a range of 3 different stain colours in red, peach and orchid perfect for every skin tone. I actually talked with one of the Benefit reps and they told me a pretty funny story on how this product came to life. Apparently, one day a stripper walked into the Benefit store, back in the days when they where just a young company, and asked for a product that is “invisible” but pigmented enough and long lasting to cover her nipples. I know! Weird!!! However, the professionals there wanted to help her and invented the benetint which works fantastic in any situation.

That’s it for my little secrets on how to keep your makeup waterproof even if you are sweating like a champion in the gym. Let me know what’s your favourite makeup tip to keep your makeup long lasting.

Have a great week and I cannot wait to chat with you next time.


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