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Hello my dear makeup lovers,

I have recently discovered what I consider one of the best eyeliners ever invented in the history of makeup and I would like to share this news with the WORLD!!! The product I am talking about is not something that just came out on the market but an item that was already available for purchase at Sephora for a while now, but I was never tempted to try it out. The product I am talking about is the Tarteist Clay Paint Eyeliner from Tarte Cosmetics.

Let’s start with the packaging!

tart eyeliner clay paint

This eyeliner comes in a box with the name of the product printed in bold gold letters on top. I like the fact that Tarte took the time to include some inspirational pictures of eyeliner looks that can definitely come in handy. Another picture that caught my eye is the one that clearly shows that the item comes with a brush and they let you know from the start that this is not one of your ordinary classic packaging for eyeliners. Underneath all the pictures you have some information about the formula and it’s important to know that it’s waterproof.

What’s in the box?

tarteist eyeliner with angle brush


Voilà! These are the two items included in the box. The eyeliner product comes in a squeezable black tube with a very nice shiny gold top and Tarte Cosmetics was generous enough to include a bent eyeliner brush made out of …what I presume…is bamboo. I am really surprised of the quality of this brush because, as you already might know, most of the times the tools that come with certain cosmetic products are of low quality and end up in the garbage. I am happy to say that every time I have applied this products it was with this brush and It’s still in perfect condition. It feels very comfortable in my hands, the bristles are smooth and the handle is lightweight.

The packaging was one of the reasons I decided to give this product a try. The fact that it comes in a tube it simply makes my life as a makeup artist easier because all the product stays “safely” inside. There is no stress that my product is going to come in contact with any germs and it’s not going to dry out like most eyeliners do when they come in a nice heavy pot.

I give Tarte 10 out of 10 for the packaging!

The custom blending stage?!

Untitled design

Tarte uses a very complicated and, to be honest, intimidating term to describe how to use this products. On the packaging it says that the eyeliner comes with a custom blending stage which is just something fancy for telling us that you can blend the eyeliner directly into the little pan located on the tip of the product. I think that’s why the reviews for the Tairteist are so mixed. Some people find it difficult to try a product that looks so complicated. You just have to go over your “anxiety” and give this product a try! From the fact that the formula is so easy to blend, so creamy and long lasting to the packaging that prevents the cream from drying and the great brush provided everything points into the right direction.

Final thoughts

I have put the Tarteist to the test, on both my clients and myself, and I must say that this is the best eyeliner I have ever discovered in my career as a makeup artist. It’s really pigmented and lasts a great amount of time. It applies creamy and dries matte. I will not be going back any time soon to traditional eyeliners. Hopefully, you will fall in love as I did with this product and that it will make your life easier!

Disclaimer – I have not been payed or offered benefits to write this blog post. This is just my personal opinion and my experience and I wanted to share it with everyone.

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