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Hello beautiful people!

I have recently announced adding Airbrush Makeup to my list of services and I’ve received so many questions asking what airbrush is, what machine do I use, etc. So grab your favorite fancy latte, sit back and let’s talk airbrush!

What’s airbrush makeup?

It’s a technique of applying makeup on skin by using an airbrush machine as opposed to your regular sponges, brushes or…fingers. A lot of people confuse airbrush makeup with self tanning and even though the process is similar the purpose is different. Makeup compressors are smaller to only cover a portion of your skin which is usually your face.

You are not limited to using just foundation for your airbrush makeup application. There are other face products available such as eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, highlighters, primers and concealers.

What makes airbrush makeup so special?

Airbrush makeup is very popular among professional makeup artists, photography, tv and theatre because it’s very lightweight, it looks super natural on the skin and requires little to no retouching.

It has become a trend in the wedding industry because it looks so perfect on any type of skin. It lasts up to 14 hours, it’s waterproof and sweatproof, it covers up any skin imperfections ( even tattoos in some cases). You can pretty much party all night long and you’re still going to look glorious at the end of the night. Also, your photographer is going to thank you!

What do I use?

For my services I use the TEMPTU Pro Plus Premier Airbrush Kit valued at $325 US dollars.

It includes:

  • Pro Plus Compressor
  • SP – 35 Airbrush Gun
  • S/B Foundation Starter Set / 12 x 25 oz. bottles
  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit
  • Pro Airbrush Cradle
  • S/B Airbrush Cleaner 4 oz.

Anyone can purchase this kit for personal or professional use. However, for all pro muas out there, you can sign up for TEMPU’s pro membership and received a discount.

My thoughts on the TEMPTU PRO Airbrush Kit

I’ve been playing with this machine for a couple of weeks now which is enough to form an opinion. First of all, I am not sponsored in any way shape or form by this company. I am not affiliated with them and I’ve purchased this product with my own money. Second, this is my personal experience. If you have a different opinion, then by all means, write your own blog.

One of the things I love about this airbrush machine is that it’s very small and compact. I can easily travel with it and it fits perfectly into my Zuca bag. I don’t like however, that it’s very loud, but that’s a normal trait for all compressor systems.

It comes with a decent range of foundation shades and I do appreciate the fact that they added a cleaning kit into the mix. However, the packaging is a nightmare! Once the bottles are opened they leak and you risk loosing a considerable amount of product.

I like the formula in general, however, it takes a while for it to dry down and I find it doesn’t look good on very dry skin. My recommendation is to never forget to moisturize before.

If you want to see a full application and review please watch my video below.

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