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Ladies and gents, as you can see I have a new hair colour.  This Pastel Lavender hair colour was created by Max Gourgues at Salon Panache. 

I am a very creative person hence, the Makeup Artist profession and I wanted pastel hair for a while now but I couldn’t find the right hair salon for the job. I am not a hair professional and I have ruined my hair on numerous occasions because of my stubbornness to dye my hair at home. I thought that I can learn how to do it by myself …eventually, with no luck!:)))

To my surprise it’s not that easy to find a hair salon in Montreal that’s willing to create a pastel colour just because they either don’t have the dyes available or hairstylists with enough experience or courage to try. In the end I found Salon Panache that was willing to dye my hair the pastel colour I wanted.

The Salon has a very cozy feeling to it. It has mostly wooden details that gives a very warm “like home” atmosphere. When you first walk in you have to take off your winter boots and replace them with a pair of Crocs, which I normally hate because of the design, but I admit they are very comfortable. I was greeted by my hairstylist right away and offered refreshments. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to wait and everyone was really welcoming and friendly.

My hairstylist Max was a real pro. He had a lot of patience and took his time to achieve perfection. He told me from the start that he is not too chatty when he works but that didn’t bothered me at all because I could see him focusing on his work and taking things very seriously. He handled my hair with delicacy and finesse without pulling on it and used the right products to make sure the bleaching process is not too rough on my hair. We all know it takes platinum blonde for pastel colours to show up. The process was actually pretty relaxing for me. Who doesn’t like to be pampered like that!

Makeup Artist with Lavender Hair

It took a total of 3 hours to get my hair from a medium blonde to lavender, which, yes it’s a bit much but it was worth it. After the colouring process was over I had my haircut done by James which is a sweetheart. He has a bubbly personality and handles his scissors with style and precision! The result was a messy cut with a bit of volume for a bit of sexiness “wink wink”. During this time Max taught me everything I need to know about taking care of my new “pony hair”. How often to wash my hair, what products to use and of course he recommended not using much heat on it. It was practically hair care 101!

To be honest, I have been to a couple of hair salons before, but I never encountered such a great service. I was impressed with Max’s perfectionism and the salons atmosphere. I cannot wait to go back and try some more creative hair styles!

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