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Hello lovelies,

I am BACK with a new makeup tutorial!!! If you’re asking me where have I been, well…around. The wedding season tends to get very busy for me and it’s hard to get things done.

Anyhow, this post is more like a review/tutorial/technology. Why technology? Because I have teamed up with the guys from Spotful to bring your the most AWESOME and ORIGINAL makeup tutorial EVER!!! Click the icons when they appear so you can shop the products I use in the video.


Oval Brushes Review

I am pretty sure you are already familiar with these type of brushes from all the Instagram hype. The original brushes have been created by the company called Artis and the price for a set starts at a whopping 355$.  Let’s be real, you know me already, I would never pay that much for some brushes I never even tried before. The brushes I am using in the video are in fact dupes of the same brush concept and luckily enough, the set has been sent to me by the company. These “dupes” retail for about 39$ for 10 brushes and to be honest it’s a pretty good deal.

It’s my first time EVER using these brushes and I just wanted to show you how I managed. I was a bit scared at first because I was so uncomfortable with their shape…mostly for the eye shadow brushes. They are VERY dense which makes it perfect for a smooth foundation application. It was fairly easy to apply and blend my concealer underneath my eyes. The brushes gather a lot of pigment, so be careful with your blush application.

I wasn’t too happy with the eyeshadow brushes.. They are very dense and pretty massive which makes it very hard to blend your product. It took a lot of self control not to change them with my regular makeup brushes while recording this video. It just took TOO LONG! I went for a cut crease look because the brushes are flat and dense, so I thought it would make for a clean cut crease, but boy was I wrong. I had to go back with my concealer and clean off the edges and my eyeliner was a mess.

I’m probably never going to reach for these brushes for eyeshadow again, but I do carry the one’s for the face in my makeup kit. To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend purchasing them unless you want to try something new. Maybe the original Artis brushes are of better quality, but the shape is the same, so I think it’s going to still be time consuming for any eyeshadow application.

I you enjoyed this review/demo and you had fun watching the Interactive Video.

Vanessa C.


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