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Hello there future Brides this is a post to help you choose the right lipstick for your Wedding Day.

Let’s be honest lips are very important when you are a bride because they do seal the deal. The moment when your husband kisses you is precious and you both have to be as comfortable as possible in the process.

There are some things I always keep in mind when choosing the perfect lipstick for my brides

  • Texture – I always use lipsticks that do not dry out the lips and are moisturizing. Also, I advice my brides to use a lip balm every day for at least a week in advance and/or exfoliate their lips with a homemade mixture of honey and sugar.
  • Finishes – I’m not a big fan of pearl and frost lipstick finishes. I always reach for a cremesheen or satin lipstick that will keep the lips looking natural and healthy throughout the day.
  • Pigmentation – The pigmentation level doesn’t have anything to do with dark colours. You can have a nude lipstick that goes opaque on the lips and lasts all day. As a bride you will kiss you husband, eat and drink all night and you will probably not have time to reapply the lipstick every hour. Therefore, I like using pigmented lipsticks to ensure the longevity of the application.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite MAC lipsticks. Why MAC? Because they are available for all consumers and they have an array of finishes that you can choose from.

Creme D’Nude – Cremesheen

MAC Creme D'nude

This MAC lipstick has a Cremesheen finish and I can describe it as being a nude peachy beige. It’s the perfect nude lipstick for  anyone with a light skin tone and it doesn’t completely fade out the lips because of the peachy undertone. However, if you find it way it too light for your skin tone you can always apply a pinkish lipstick on top to give it more colour. This formula is very comfortable on your lips and keeps them hydrated and glowy. You can reapply this lipstick throughout the day without any risk of becoming patchy.

Angel – Frost

MAC Angel Lipstick

This lipstick is considered to be a Frost, but honestly it’s not even noticeable, other that it has a cool undertone. It’s a very creamy formula similar to Creme D’nude. This shade of lipstick is also perfect for light skin tones if you want to ad more colour to your lips. I can describe this colour as being a soft rose pink. This colour is sheen when applied just in one layer but you can build up the coverage.

Peach Blossom – Cremesheen

MAC Peach Blossom

This is a lipstick that goes well with skin tones from fair to medium and it has a great creamy texture with great pigmentation. It’s the perfect nude lipstick for medium skin tones and I can describe it as a cool toned nude. It’s perfect for brides in Spring and Summer to give an overall glow to your skin. I call this the “universal lipstick” because I can pair it with any eye makeup and skin tone without having any regrets.

 Brave – Satin

MAC Lipstick in colour Brave

If you want Kylie Jenner’s lips this is the lipstick you should go for. This colour compliments medium skin tones amazingly. You can contour and plump up your lips in seconds using this bad boy for sensual kissable lips that your future hubby will certainly appreciate. I describe this lipstick colour as being more of a beige than pink and looks very natural. I love this lipstick because it has a satin finish and it applies like butter on your lips. It’s so moisturizing and pigmented that you will not need another lipstick in your life.

Craving – Amplified

Mac lipstick in craving

This lipstick is my personal favourite. Craving is a not-to-shocking plum colour that compliments medium to darker skin tones and because it has an “amplified” finish that means it bursts with pigment. The colour is very rich and the formula is extremely buttery so you get the best of both worlds. I’ve been using it intensely on brides getting married during the Fall season to give them a little bit of a “natural” darker lip.  Trust me, you need this lipstick!

Ruby Woo – Retro Matte

Now let’s get into the classic red shades, shall we? This red is one of my favourites because it has a blue undertone which means it’s practically going to make your teeth look whiter without having to spend the money on a dentist. Brides that want to go for that old Hollywood glam can always opt for this lipstick. The matte formula makes it long lasting and I mean….really long lasting. However, keep in mind that matte lipsticks tend to be drying and it’s good to have your lips moisturized and/or exfoliated before application.

Russian Red – Matte

Mac Russian Red Lipstick

The Russian Red is a little bit darker than the Ruby Woo, but other than that, they fall in the same category. The Russian Red has only a more intense blue undertone. I usually use it on my brave brides with fair skin and light blue eyes. You may think that’s a crazy combination, but it will actually bring out your eyes for your hubby to drown in them. This lipstick has the same matte formula as the Ruby Woo one, therefore no matter how much you party and eat it will still look flawless at the end of the night.

That’s it for today my lovely brides. I hope this post was helpful in your quest of finding the perfect bridal lipstick share it.

  1. May 30, 2016

    Love this! Have just now brought brave for my wedding day

    Personally think that satin is the best for a wedding day as is non drying and lasts and easy to apply

    Creameshene is too glossy for a wedding I feel

    Thank you for this!

  2. June 16, 2016


    I am a pale redhead with naturally bloodred lips. I am getting married in August and I find it extremely different to find a lipstick. It’s either too dark or too light or too orange. I will go try creme d nude, angel and Pink blossom 🙂

    I really hope one of those will suit me…

    Thanks for this post.

    • June 27, 2016

      Hello Harmony,

      Thank you for reading my blog post and congratulations for your wedding! I would also recommend any lipstick with a beige undertone. You can try M·A·C Cremesheen in Pearl or YSL Nude Beige. Good luck!

  3. July 27, 2016

    I am having the HARDEST time finding a wedding lipstick. Everything I put on has too many brown undertones. I want something relatively neutral with either a peach or pink slight pop of color just to brighten my face!

  4. May 10, 2017

    Hello There,

    I am an Indian bride, with light pink and nude lips. what colour lipstick will suite me on my wedding day?

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