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Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lipstick Review – Spring Collection Hibiscus Pop #715 and Lilac Flush #725

Yes, I know I’ve been obsessing with lipsticks lately, but I sincerely cannot help it! I get so excited while I’m waiting for the beautiful Spring flowers and the warm sun that I…well..start purchasing colourful lipsticks.

This time I went for a drug store product which is the Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lipstick collection. I have purchased only two of the lipsticks from the collection but I feel I got a good use out of them so that I can review them for you guys.

Price and quantity

They retail for about $7.49 at 0.14 oz which it think is pretty affordable and it’s perfect for the quality. I do not know for sure if it’s a limited edition collection or not, however I know it’s their Spring Collection and it includes 8 shades.

Pigmentation and finishes

These lipsticks are very pigmented and they have a lovely pastel colour perfect for Spring and Summer. One of the ingredients is Honey Nectar which help your lips to stay hydrated throughout the day and give the lipstick a creamy consistency. They apply sheer and creamy and they colour payoff is ok. They don’t have a long lasting power but you can reapply them at need without the risk of having your lips looking cakey or dry out. I did notice they have a white pearlescent tint to them which I cannot say I like too much, but I can live with it.

Hibiscus Pop #715

Maybelline Colour Sensational Hibiscus Pop 715 Maybelline color Sensational rebel bloom hibiscus pop 715

  I am absolutely in love with this colour! I can describe it as a cool toned pink almost like cotton candy but with more pink. Like the other lipsticks in the collection it has a white pearl  shimmer and it applies sheer. Again, it doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours on your lips…that is if you do not eat anything meanwhile. I can recommend wearing it to Summer Festivals or on warm summer days when you are in a good mood and want that extra pop of colour. I have swatched Hibiscus Pop #715 next to Lilac Flush #725  so you guys can see the difference.

Lilac Flush #725

Maybelline Color Sensational rebel bloom lilac flush 725

Maybelline color sensational lilac flush 725

This lipstick has a beautiful pastel lilac colour that can definitely make a statement. It’s a little darker than in reality in the picture but it will have a different colour depending on your skin tone. It will look more pinkish on people with light skin and purple on those with a darker skin tone. I find it a bit more pigmented than the Hibiscus Pop and not that creamy. It applies sheer with a shinny finish.


My conclusion is that this lipstick is a very affordable must have for Spring and Summer. Even if it doesn’t have a long lasting finish it’s hydrating and comfortable on the lips which is exactly what you need from an everyday lipstick.

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