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Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!

Overall 2017 has been an amazing year for the beauty and fashion community, but now it’s time to re-evaluate some trends that got us thinking that maybe they weren’t that great in the end. So let’s start reviewing some 2017 makeup trends that REALLY need to DIE in 2018!

1. Lollipop Lips

This whole smudge lipstick application looks very artsy and creative for a photoshoot, but it’s not a great look for an everyday makeup wear so let’s hope we are not going to see any more bloggers/vloggers recreating this lip over and over again for 2018

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2. Feathered Eyebrows

Eyebrows such an important part of your face and by shaping them in the right way we can bring out our best features. Now, if you have what seems to be two caterpillars crossing your forehead…well, let’s just say it’s going to freak out some people.

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      3. Full Face Highlighter

Let’s be real here, who doesn’t love to GLOW?! Even if strobing has been a huge makeup trend in the past 3 years and it’s still going strong in the year to come, there have been many situations where the beauty community has taken an exaggerated approach on highlighter. The purpose is to apply it only in the high points of your face to make your skin glowy. However, if you apply it all over your face you will only manage to look like a very shiny lightbulb.

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4. Furry Nails 

Alright, this is a beauty/nail trend that completely freaks me out. I do not see any purpose on having fur on your nails because it looks really inconvenient and not at all appealing. Oh furry nails, please DIE FOREVER!

makeup mua montreal

5. Weird Tools 

There are so many makeup tutorials out there using anything but makeup tools in order to apply beauty products. I’ve seen people use food, cutlery, spinner and everything in between. These tactics might get you some internet points or get your tutorial go viral but it’s very unsanitary and dangerous. There is a reason why makeup brushes exist, so use them and you should.

makeup mua montreal

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