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Welcome to 2016!

The vacation is over (unfortunately) and we are all trying to go back to our regular beauty routine. I know you are all excited for a new year and probably wondering what are the changes in makeup for 2016.

Look no further, I got your back! Here is a list the top new makeup trends for 2016 that will surely make you rock your look.

1. Colour Rush

The Secret Society of Makeup Artists (…that probably doesn’t exist) has decided that this year is all about adding a little bit of colour to your everyday brown and nude makeup routine. Whether you add a blue mascara to your long eyelashes or a green eyeliner to your waterliner you will definitely feel more confident in your beauty game.

blue mascara
blue eyeliner
blue eye shadow

2. Forget about contouring!

Finally! The heavy drag style contouring is out of business for 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I think drag queens are fierce! However, women don’t need to change the shape of their bone structure with makeup like guys do. Korean beauty is making a statement in beauty by trying to bring feminine natural features back. Cream blushes and highlighters are your best friends now to create the perfect flushed pink cheeks and the goddess inner glow you always wanted.

natural makeup
makeup trend 2016
makeup 2016

3. Thick eyelashes

Spidery eyelashes started in 2015 but will definitely stay strong and be a trend in 2016 as well. Feathery, spidery, drawn on eyelashes and everything else in between is definitely in high demand for this year. This makeup trend has made a huge impact on the runaway scenery so expect cosmetic companies to come out with many lash-goodies!

makeup 2016
makeup trend 2016
makeup 2016
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