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Happy Monday Everyone!

As you may have probably noticed, I am posting a new blog article every Monday so I can inform you off all of the new makeup trends and beauty products on the market. For today’s blog I have decided to do a review of my new foundation crush. I am completely, madly and deeply in love with the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation from Makeup for Ever.

hd foundation

This is not my first experience with the Makeup for Ever HD foundations ( in all forms and packages) however, I think they’ve really stepped up their game this time and made the BEST foundation on the high end market. When they say it’s ULTRA HD they are seriously not kidding about it!

Formula created by a wizard?!

I wasn’t expecting a lot of coverage from this foundation because it’s advertised as being sheer to medium, but to be honest I think it builds up gorgeously into a full coverage. When I first applied it on my skin it felt like warm butter and it was SO easy to use. It’s so creamy and pigmented that you only need a tiny sweep to cover your entire face.

I used my fingers to warm it up and to buffer it into my skin and after I’ve applied my everyday powder the miracle was done. It covered my pores like no other and my naked eye could not detect that there was foundation on my skin. My skin just looked flawless like I was born with it. Seriously, this is black magic and I need that wizard’s phone number!

vanessa coco montreal

Did it become a pumpkin after midnight?

I’ve put this foundation to every test possible. I’ve even slept with my makeup on one night…not because I wanted to tested it, but because I was too lazy to take it off. The next morning my face wasn’t cakey at all. I looked radiant and natural and there was still some coverage going on there. It didn’t break me at all and it didn’t dry me out… even if there where like -20 degree celsius outside. Yes, I live in Canada and we ride polar bears to work.

Oh NO!!! But still…

The only downfall is that there are only 15 shades in this collection. Hopefully, Makeup for Ever is going to make this stick goodness available in all possible skin tones by the end of this year, if not, well I am going a start a revolution. One thing I can promise you is that I WILL use this foundation on most of my clients this year and my brides are going to look radiant!!!

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