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During my career as a Makeup Artist I have encountered  a lot of people that have problems with keeping their makeup clean. Therefore, I’ve decided to give you guys some tips in that department.

How often should you clean your brushes and why

Even if you are constantly using your makeup or not you have to deep clean your makeup brushes at an interval of one to two weeks. Don’t grimace at me! I know it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world and yes, even makeup artists hate to do that, but it’s crucial. Think about it! You have to wash your face every day, right? Well what’s on your face goes on your makeup brushes. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying your face is dirty but your brushes gather all the oils produced by your skin and it can develop bacteria pretty fast. Yes, you do use your brushes only for your skin but you probably store them in a makeup bag, makeup kit, drawer or even your purse and let’s be real here…the bottom of your purse is not the cleanest place there is. Imagine your brushes as being tiny vacuums that suck all the oil, dirt, dust and bacteria that can affect your skin in many different ways. Some of my clients have been struggling with acne, even if they have long passed their teenage years, and after they clean they’re brushes they’re skin clears out. There are a variety of skin problems that can come up from not cleaning your brushes. From acne to skin rash, eye infections, under the skin “bumps” and many more.

How to clean your brushes

The process of deep cleaning of makeup brushes is pretty simple. I personally use dish soap because of its disinfecting properties and it cleans really well. You just have to wet your brushes and apply a bit of dish soap to the brush. Place the brush with the bristles facing down in your palm and move it in circular motions. This process will not stress the bristles and will keep the water from reaching to the glue that keeps the bristles together. Rinse really well. ALWAYS WASH & DRY YOUR BRUSHES UPSIDE DOWN!

You can also clean your brushes with shampoo and conditioner if they are made from animal hair so you can keep them soft.

Do not use any heat to dry them because it will cause the glue to loosen and it will damage your brushes. Try to leave them upside down with a towel underneath.

Are the brushes the only makeup tool I have to disinfect?

The answer is: NO! You have the clean all your makeup tools and your makeup as well. You can use 90% alcohol to spray your eyeshadow and kill the germs or swipe the surface with a paper towel. It takes longer for a powder product to develop bacteria so you can just remove the first layer of the product. The same rule applies to blushes, bronzers, lipsticks and pretty much anything else that is a powder or in a stick form.

Hygiene rules for your makeup kit

The first rule is to not share your makeup with anyone. It doesn’t matter if that person is family or your best friend bacteria knows no limits. Even if you think you really know a person that doesn’t mean you can be sure of their health.

Throw out your products as soon as they’ve reached their expiration date. Do not try your luck! Even if the product does not have its expiration date visible anymore you can always look for signs. Follow your senses. If the smell, colour and/or texture of the product has changed then you know it’s time to let it go. I know you care about your “little treasures” …but it’s time to “LET IT GO…LET IT GOOOO”.

Try not to “double-dip”. Even if this rule is mostly for makeup artists I think it should be taken into matter by everyone using makeup and it mostly refers to liquid beauty products. Any bacteria that gets picked up by your makeup brush can spread and  “contaminate” your entire product…so keep that in mind.

That’s it lovelies. I hope these tips and tricks are going to help you keep the “friendly” bacteria as far away as possible from your makeup kit.