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I wanted to share with you my opinion regarding the Hourglass Trio Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. Since I’ve purchased this bad boy I’ve been using it on all my clients. Talk about addiction!

Where can you purchase it from?

This blush palette was available at Sephora during the Holiday season. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition blush palette and it’s not longer available. However, you can purchase them individually  from Hourglass’s permanent collection available on their website and at Sephora, both online and in store. The blush colours included in this palette are (from left to right): Luminous Flush (pink champagne), Incandescent Electra(warm coral) and Mood Exposure (warm plum). Please keep in mind that Incandescent Electra was limited edition and it cannot be found in the permanent collection but you can definitely find something similar.

What is the price?

The price for this trio palette is C$67 for 0.33oz. The individual blushes cost C$41 for 0.15oz.


I was really impressed with the packaging of the Hourglass Ambient Powders in general. they look really chic and classy. The case has a mirror-like material and comes in a gold colour. The only inconvenient is that your finger prints will probably be all over this palette in second, however it can easily be cleaned with a wet wipe and look as new in no time! I love that the packaging is very study and it stays closed, so it’s perfect for your everyday traveller without any risks. Because the case has round corners it gives it a sleek look and I fell like a real pro whenever I reach for it to apply it on my clients.

It’s very compact so it can be stored without any problems in your makeup kit or drawer. Perfect around the year to match it with different makeup styles and even seasons.

Hourglass Blush Palette

What makes these blushes so special?

When you first open the packaging you notice that these blushes don’t look that ordinary. The Ambient Blushes are mixed with the Ambient Powder in a process called marbling. I was surprised when I found out that they are handmade and each blush come with it’s own unique mixture of colours that blends seamlessly into the skin to match every skin tone. Hourglass calls these blushes “hybrids” because they can offer a multidimensional array of colour and light.

If you swatch them on your hand they do not look pigmented and it actually gave me the impression that they are washes out. I was pleasantly surprised when I applied them on my cheek. They blend amazingly and offer a very natural glow to the skin with no trace of powder what so ever. I found that they are perfect for photo shoots for an airbrush effect. So ladies, if you are in a mood for a selfie go with this blush!

Some swatches

Swatches of the Hourglass Ambient Light BLush Palette


I am not disappointed at all in this purchase. I believe that the amount of product in this palette is perfect for a all year round usage and the price is just right for the high quality offered by these amazing blushes. I will definitely use them on all my Summer brides!

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