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Today’s makeup lesson is going to be about how to proper Highlight and Contour depending on your face shape.

Most of my clients ask me how to correctly contour and highlight, but they never take into consideration they’re face shape.

What does “Contouring” mean?

Contouring is a technique used in art. It’s the process of using dark and light colours in order to create shape and texture. In makeup we use light coloured foundation to bring out certain features and dark coloured foundation to “hide” them or make them less obvious.

Now, I know the internet went crazy when Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario revealed how he creates Kim’s killer cheekbones, but in reality the contouring has to be very soft and barely noticeable. On a daily basis we only need subtle shadows and the products used have to be blended really well. If the lines are harsh then we tend to look more like Drag Queens and we don’t want that!

Why do we have to identify our face shape?

There are different contouring techniques based entirely on your face shape. Unfortunately, the predominant technique I see people learning/using is the one for the “Heart” shape face or a mixture of all of them. Many people contour heavily and on parts of the face they do not need too.

In makeup there are six (6) face shapes that every makeup artist is supposed to study.

The Oval Face shape

Oval Face

This face shape has very symmetrical features with a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones.

It’s considered to be the ideal face shape and it doesn’t require much contouring.

The Long Face shape

long face shape

This face shape presents elongates features from forehead to chin and in some cases with a prominent chin

The Round Face shape

round face shape

A round face has soft features and the face width and length are almost the same. The forehead and chin are both rounded.

The widest part is found at the cheeks.

The Square Face shape

Highlighting and Contouring Round Face Shapes Video Tutorial

square face shape

The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are prominent and almost the same width.

Bony features.

The Heart Shape face

heart shape face

This face shape has a pointy chin and a wide forehead.

Forehead tends to have prominent features.

The Diamond Shape Face

diamond face shape

This face shade is not that common. It’s characterized by being angular and bony.

Temples are wide and the forehead, cheeks and eyes ares are narrower than the jaw.

How to easily identify your face shape?

One trick to solving your face shape mystery is to tightly pull your hair in a ponytail. You can even use some hair gel or hairspray to straighten your hair close to your scalp. Look in the mirror and try to see what shape does your face have when you secured all your hair in place. Try not to smile. If you found this process a bit harder you can take a red lipstick and look straight in the mirror. Then trace your face shape in the mirror with the lipstick.

You can also use the Quiz down below to help you out

quiz face shapes

How to Contour and Highlight based on  your face shape?

Because the Oval Face shape is the most symmetrical one we want to achieve the same form by contouring and highlighting any other face shape.

The image below is going to help you pin point the sections of your face that you need to highlight and contour.  The darker colour in the picture represents the parts of your face that you have to contour and the white circles where you have to highlight. Have fun!

contouring face shapes

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