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Hello makeup lovers!

This post is going to be dedicated entirely on how to achieve a full coverage foundation application. Based on my experience in the makeup industry I prefer this technique the most when I want to achieve a flawless airbrushed skin perfect for sefies!

Prep you skin

Full coverage or layering foundations may be a bit rough on your skin causing it to dry out or to emphasize your dry skin patches and that’s why I would recommend using a moisturizer before applying any other product. Select a moisturizer that suits your skin type and you will not have any problems throughout the day.

Even up your skin tone

Unfortunately, we all have skin imperfections but the good news is that we can hide them! Apply concealer to any red and/or dark spots and breakouts to make sure the skin is as even as possible. Also, apply a makeup primer so it would secure your foundation in place for the rest of the day. My miracle product that does all of the above is the Makeup For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer 

Makeup for ever skin equalizer

I prefer to apply this product with my fingers because it melts the product. Massage it into your skin and let it sit for a minute or two so your skin can absorb it.


Apply a liquid foundation

From all the foundations I have previously tried the Makeup for Ever Ultra HD is by far one of my favourites foundations. It’s very pigmented and comfortable on the skin and most importantly it gives you an airbrush effect. Also, it minimizes the size your pores which is very important because we are going to layer another foundation on top of it.


In order to apply this foundation I have used a flat foundation brush with synthetic bristles so I can place the product easily on the sections I want on my skin.


After you are done placing the product I would recommend using a damped sponge to blend the foundation into your skin. A sponge will absorb the excess product.


After every layer of foundation spritz some Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray to make any makeup waterproof. Let if dry for 1 minute and then proceed to the next step.


Lock it in!

We are going to apply a second layer of foundation and this time it’s going to be a powder foundation. I am using the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation  This layering technique is going to ensure you a shine-free look all day and will keep everything in place for hours to come. The extra pigment in the powder foundation will definitely cover any pores and will give you an airbrushed look.


Finishing touch

Apply a final spritz of the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray  and you will have a bulletproof airbrush foundation all day long!!!


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